Tutoring Employment in the USA

If you are considering finding a job in the USA, there are a lot of decisions you need to make before your first student can even walk through the door (virtual or otherwise).

Your first decision is whether you want to offer online tutoring or offline tutoring. If you choose to offer online tutoring, you have a second decision to make and that is whether or not you want to be employed by a larger tutoring site. The benefits of being employed in this manner include assurance of payment as well as numerous tools that can be used to provide online tutoring (interactive whiteboards, chat capabilities, instant messaging capabilities, etc.). Our website even offers an app for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone that is available in the Apple App Store.

The possible disadvantages of affiliating with a larger paid tutoring website is that their fees are written in stone, and that if your student doesn’t have any money on his account the two of you cannot interact.

If you choose to go the independent route to deliver online tutoring services, you will need to decide on your fees and how to advertise your services. Look into what the fees for tutoring are in your area; price your services accordingly unless you have unique skill sets that would justify a higher fee. The best way to advertise your services will probably be a website of your own, but there are also some options to link to colleges, universities, and other businesses as a private tutor.

Offline tutoring has some of the same required decisions as online tutoring. You will need to decide on what fee you want to charge and how to publicize your tutoring business. The difference comes in where you offer the services. Offline tutoring can be offered in your home, in your students’ homes, in school classrooms, in libraries, or in various other public places. One issue to consider is that parents or other responsible adults should be present for the tutoring sessions if you are tutoring students in grades K-12; you should have this policy in writing in any contracts between you and the parents. In addition, the parents should provide written proof (i.e. a signature) that they have received a copy of the policy and agreed to abide by it.

Be aware that you may need to pass background checks no matter which tutoring avenue you take. Sites like this will require a background check as well as testing of your tutoring skills, and parents of your students may also do background checks before entering into a contract with you.