Looking for Employment as a Tutor?

If you are looking for employment as a tutor in the USA, Essaywanted.com is ready to announce that you have definitely lots of choices in how and where to offer your skills. First you need to decide if you want to be an online tutor or an offline tutor. If you choose online tutoring, you need to decide whether you want to go the independent route or affiliate with a larger tutoring website such as Eduboard.com or Tutor.com. Another important decision to make when considering offering your services as an independent tutor is how much you want to charge; most fees are on an hourly basis.

If you are tutoring as an affiliate of a larger tutoring website, your fees will probably be set in stone by that website. You will also not be able to interact with students unless they have money in their tutoring account.

If you choose to offer your tutoring skills as an independent tutor, do some research to see what other tutors in your area are charging for similar services. In my area, tutoring runs from $30.00 per hour to $50.00 per hour depending on the subjects being offered and the experience/skills of the tutors. You can also offer flat fees that are not based on the hours; this could apply if it’s a one-time tutoring session or a repeat customer that needs several hours of tutoring every week or every month.

Whether you are offering your services online or offline, be prepared to pass a background check especially if you are tutoring students in grades K-12. The major tutoring websites will require you to pass a background check before they will offer you tutoring jobs, and if you go the independent route to offer your tutoring services most parents will run at least a cursory background check on you. If you have issues that would make passing a background check difficult or problematic, you probably won’t be able to tutor for K-12 students but you might be able to tutor college-level students or adult learners.

When tutoring K-12 students in a private location (your home, their home, school classroom, library, etc.), you should have a written policy that a parent or other responsible adult should attend (or at least be present for) all tutoring sessions. The parents should receive a copy of the policy, and they should sign something that states that they agree to this stipulation. This protects you as well as the students you are tutoring.