English online tutor needed

There is an ever increasing demand for English tutors in the online environment. This is because English is not the native language of many countries across the world and today’s generation seems to have adopted this language as the global language. English also has become a necessary language to learn as the students who aspire to go for advanced studies to the US or UK needs to feel comfortable with the reading, writing, listening and speaking of the language. All this means that the demand to learn English on line is also increasing and as such the tutors who can teach English on line are a lucky lot as they seem to have far too much work available.

Before looking out for an online English tutor it is important to define the purpose of your search.

English on line tutors are typically needed to fulfill one of the following objectives:

–          Teach conversational English to non-English speaking adults or students.

–          Teach English as a second language to school or college students.

–          Teach for English Homework assistance at Graduate Schools

–          Teach English to students preparing for competitive exams like TOEFL or GRE or GMAT etc.

While the primary pre-requisite for teaching English will always is to have a qualification in the teaching of English language. Certifications like ESL and TESOL always help when looking for online teaching opportunities except when the idea is to learn conversational English. A different parameter applies in case of conversational English and that is that if the tutor knows the native language of the student besides knowing English then the learning becomes even more satisfying and fulfilling. Like any other online environment the English on line tutor also has to have the ability to work with computers, technology and tools such as videos and headphones and translator applications on the internet.

While teaching English as a second language to school or college students the online tutor has to have a flair for academic use of English. The students are required to submit assignments and papers and they often loose marks on the grammar or the use of words or even the formatting of academic papers. The teacher should have the ability to help them get through the sentence structure, expression of thoughts, creative expression and comprehension besides grammar.

Homework assistance is becoming a steady support area for students who ask for comments on papers; seek assistance on projects, book reviews or literary and cultural insights and inputs for their assignments. English teachers who can contribute effectively to that process will need to have studied English up to a Masters or a doctorate level at least.

When students prepare for competitive exams they look at their teachers and tutors to help them maximize their scores. This kind of online tutoring is more of mentoring and guidance and also helping students know what is going wrong in their study strategy or plan. Tips and guidance notes on avoiding common errors on the exam and helping the students by guiding them to best online resources is an added plus of an online English tutor of this genre.